Signature Mix & Match Confetti Rods

If you love our Pretzables Signature Confetti Rods Cylinder, you will love our Mix & Match Confetti Rods!
Each Mix & Match Confetti Rod is individually wrapped or tied with a bow. They are colorful, festive and best of all customizable and they can be made-to-order! It can be used as the perfect centerpiece or given as a party favor!
With customized colors and toppings, the possibilities are endless!
Just imagine…
…a sweet arrangement for the dessert table at a bridal shower.
…an edible centerpiece for a graduation party, birthday party or even a networking event.
…a surprise snack tucked away in your child’s lunchbox.
Confetti Rods are fun and sophisticated and can sweeten up any event, goodie bag or Gift/Holiday basket!